The mission of Busch PROtective is to offer the most advanced head protection systems by incorporating innovative solutions & ballistic performance. Developed in close cooperation with operators & agencies worldwide, our products are designed to offer maximum protection – far exceeding market-leading standards. We feature ISO-9001 compliant high manufacturing quality, innovative products, and functional design meant to improve your performance during any mission. We are also proud that Busch PROtective strongly emphasizes the sustainable use of resources in order to optimally protect humans, nature, and our environment for generations to come.



Busch PROtective, founded in 1981, is a family-owned company run by the second generation with locations in Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia and the United States. The company’s core competencies include development, production and distribution of ballistic helmets for law enforcement, fire, EMT/EMS, corrections, and military.

In the late 80s, Busch acquired considerable know-how by developing the combat helmet for the Federal Armed Forces, which is state-of-the art even today, and has further developed since then. Ever since, the Busch Group has been regarded as the leading manufacturer in the global combat helmet market and expands its position on the market by continuous new developments such as the EBSP process.

In 2014, the Busch Group achieved two further milestones with new helmets. Firstly, it presented the first specially developed anti-riot helmet, which is unique on the market due to its low weight while featuring an enhanced performance at the same time. Secondly, an entirely new PE helmet was introduced.
By taking these steps, the Busch Group systematically expands its product portfolio, thus becoming a cross-sector helmet manufacturer.